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Preparing for Your Holiday Road Trips: Car-Maintenance Tips for You

When you and your immediate family are planning on traveling to visit your extended family for the holidays, there are a large number of plans and preparations that you need to make. Among those many preparations is getting your car ready for the long trips to get to your holiday gatherings. Oftentimes, worries about packing and presents can become the main focus of these travel plans, and the idea that the car is in good repair may just be taken for granted. This can be a major mistake though, and it can lead to unwanted breakdowns and other car problems while you are in the midst of your holiday traveling. Get to know some of the car-maintenance steps that you should take when you are preparing for your holiday road trips so that you can be sure your holiday trips go as well as possible. 

Make Sure You Are Up-to-Date on Oil Changes

The motor oil (engine oil) in your car is a major part of what keeps your engine running properly. It lubricates the moving metal parts in the car engine and ensures that those pieces do not grind together or wear down. This prevention of friction will keep your engine functioning smoothly for as long as possible.

Therefore, before you go on a long road trip to visit your family for the holidays, you want to make sure that you are up to date on your oil changes. If you are within a few hundred miles of needing your next oil change or are overdue, schedule an oil change with a mechanic such as PDR Automotive Inc before you leave. This will ensure that your oil is not old and thick or entirely absent on your long trip and that your engine does not get damaged.

Consider Having Snow Tires Put on Your Car

If you live in or are traveling into an area that gets especially snowy during the winter months, you want to ensure that you have tires with an ideal amount of traction to keep you safe and on the road during your travels. Standard tires are designed for normal road conditions with minimal hazards.

Deep snow or a great deal of ice on the roads can make driving dangerous with standard tires, especially if those tires have already sustained a great deal of wear and tear. For your holiday travels, you may want to instead consider putting snow tires on your car. Snow tires, also known as winter tires, are designed with deeper treads to provide superior traction for slick conditions. These tires will help ensure that no matter how bad weather conditions get when you are traveling for the holidays, you will be able to more safely navigate the roads. 

Get started preparing your car for your holiday travels as soon as possible, and you will be sure to have safe and happy holidays while visiting your extended family.