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How Can You Avoid Hitting A Deer?

October usually marks the beginning of deer season. During that time period, you are more likely to hit a deer with your car. Unfortunately, this could mean a significant amount of damage to your vehicle. To help you stay safe during the season, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Be observant. In areas in which deer crossings are clearly marked, there is a higher chance of deer wandering the road. It is imperative that you practice being vigilant in those areas.

  2. Become familiar with the times deer are most active. Deer typically wander near and onto roadways when they are less traveled. In many areas, that is during the late night and early mornings hours. If you are driving during those times, slow down and watch for deer.

  3. Do not forget the shoulders of the road. Some motorists mistakenly believe that if there are no deer on the roadway in front of them, it is safe to proceed. However, deer that are on the shoulder of the road can quickly dart into the road and cause serious damage.

  4. Remember that deer travel in groups. If you have spotted one deer, there is a good chance there are others nearby. Slow down when you spot one deer and be ready to react if others appear.

  5. Drive in the center lane. The center lane of a multi-lane roadway gives you more time to react if a deer steps out. If you are on a two-way roadway alone and it is legal to do so, drive the center of the road until you have passed through a deer crossing area.

  6. Skip the deer devices. Devices, such as deer whistles, are supposed to help prevent accidents on the roadway with deer. However, there is no definitive proof that they work. The best way to protect yourself and your vehicle is to be aware of your surroundings.

  7. Avoid swerving in your car. If a deer is in your lane, your first instinct might be to swerve. However, this could lead to an accident with another vehicle. The best course of action is to slow down to hopefully allow time for the deer to move. If you are involved in an accident with the deer, the impact will be lessened if you are able to get your speed down.

Unfortunately, there is still a possibility that you could end up in an accident with a deer. If so, a collision repair technician who is experienced in repairing damage caused by deer can help. For more information, contact local professionals like Accurate Auto Body.