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Ready To Junk A Car? 3 Worthy Things To Salvage Before Sending The Car Away

When you own a fairly new vehicle and get into a collision, working with your insurance provider will either have the car repaired or deemed totaled, and then you will get a check in the mail. But, if you have an older vehicle that has not been involved in any serious accidents throughout its existence, you may eventually see it stop working due to lackluster maintenance or parts just deteriorating. At some point in time, an older vehicle is not worth repairing because the labor and parts will cost more than the car itself. It is at this point that you may be ready to sell it as a junk car, but before you make the phone call, you should consider keeping a few things from the vehicle so that you can repurpose them elsewhere.

Stereo Receiver

Many older vehicles do not have the current stereo capabilities of newer vehicles. A cassette tape and radio is not going to satisfy you when you have newer technology that you want to use. But your car may have a stereo receiver with a CD player and an auxiliary port to connect your smartphone or MP3 player. It might not be worth it to remove the installation harness kit, but you can still take the receiver. Most receivers are either single din or double din, so it should be able to fit with a large list of cars still on the market.

Floor Mats

Although floor mats are specifically designed for each make and model, it is not uncommon for their specific layout to fit well in other vehicles. This is perfect for when you buy a used car from a third party and it has no floor mats, because you can just take the ones from the junk car and use them temporarily. These mats can also be used as an outdoor mat to use before stepping in your house or garage.


Car speakers come in a variety of sizes, but there are only so many that you may be able to find an exact match with the vehicle that you buy in the future. If the car's speakers happen to be somewhat lacking, you can just replace them with the speakers that you took out of the junk car. It is also possible to buy a car that has blown out speakers, in which you will definitely want to replace them with your old ones.

Selling a junk car is a great way to clear out your driveway and earn a bit of money, but you should not pass up the opportunity to take some valuable components of the vehicle before it is gone. For more information on how to salvage parts from your car, talk with auto salvage companies, like Fox Valley Iron Metal & Auto Salvage Inc.