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3 Reasons You Need To Invest In Specialty Body Repairs For Your Car's Dents

For many people, the vehicle that they drive serves as an outward reflection of their social status and success. When a vehicle becomes dented, its image can suffer. With many modern vehicles being made from aluminum, it's important that you take the time to seek out a specialty body shop to make repairs to your beloved vehicle.

Here are three reasons why a specialty body shop is best equipped to make the repairs needed to restore your vehicle's appearance to like-new condition.

1. Aluminum doesn't have metal memory.

Some metals (like steel) can retain the memory of their previous shape. This allows these metals to be easily reshaped to their original form when a dent occurs. Aluminum is much more delicate in nature, and it doesn't have the metal memory of more durable metal products.

This means that a body shop's technicians must have a significant amount of skill in order to reshape aluminum panels to erase any dents that may be found in them. By visiting a specialty shop when your vehicle is in need of body repairs, you ensure that you will have access to the highly skilled technicians your vehicle needs.

2. Aluminum can be challenging to weld.

Many body repairs require a technician to weld two pieces of metal together in order to form a new automotive panel. If your vehicle is made from aluminum, this welding process can present a unique challenge.

Aluminum doesn't conduct heat the same way that steel does. Heat travels through aluminum much faster than it does through steel, making precise welds more difficult to achieve. By taking your vehicle to a specialty body shop for repairs, you ensure that the technicians working on your car can make accurate and precise welds when necessary.

3 Specialty tools are needed to make aluminum repairs.

In order to prevent serious damage from occurring during the repair process, technicians must use specialty tools when repairing aluminum. Since steel and aluminum are highly corrosive when they come into contact with one another, even the smallest steel shavings present on a tool can wreak havoc on your aluminum vehicle's body repair.

Specialty body shops have tools dedicated solely to aluminum repairs, eliminating the chance that your vehicle's metal panels will be contaminated during the repair process.

When you understand that aluminum can be difficult to shape, challenging to weld, and sensitive to cross-contamination, it becomes easy to see why working with a specialty body shop like Exoticar Paintworks Inc for the repairs your vehicle needs is a good idea.