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Facing Collision Repair With No Insurance Settlement? Check Out These Ways To Save

Being involved in automobile accident can leave you with all kinds of new problems, but looking at your vehicle in a mangled or scraped-up mess is definitely one problem you will want repaired as soon as possible. If you aren't lucky enough to have insurance that will be covering the costs of your repairs, you may be thinking there is no way you will be able to afford collision repairs right away. Even though auto body work can be costly, there are always ways to save money. So before you pull your wrecked vehicle into the garage until you have enough in savings, consider these tips that may make your repairs affordable right now. 

Remove damaged components and parts on your own. 

When you take a wrecked vehicle to a collision repair center, they will offer you an estimate that is based on two factors: the costs of replacement parts and the costs of labor involve. Most auto body mechanics charge by the hour for their work, which means all those damaged parts that have to be removed will just cost you more money in the end. So if you have a few tools and little knowledge about mechanical things, you could probably pull off things like a damaged bumper fender, hood, or door panel and save some time at the shop and money on the final bill. 

Ask the shop to use aftermarket parts. 

Some auto body repair specialists adhere strictly to replacement parts that come from the original manufacturer, which is a good way to ensure quality for their customers. However, in a lot of cases, aftermarket parts are just as good and cost a lot less. When you take your ride in for an estimate at a collision repair shop, have them give you an estimate for repairs with aftermarket parts only. Chances are, you will see a much lower estimate.

Have your car repaired a little at a time. 

Maybe you prefer to have everything repaired at once, but without insurance money to help you cover the costs, your bank account may not have enough flex to cover a full-on repair. See if the auto collision shop will work with you and repair just a little of the vehicle at one time. For example, if your car sustained front end damage and a damaged hood, you could drop the car by the shop to have the hood replaced one week and the front end later on. 

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