Preparing for a Dream, Road Trip

3 Tips For Safely Using A Car Hauler

If you are planning to travel across the country in an RV, you may want to take your passenger vehicle along with you to make excursions away from the RV more convenient. Towing your vehicle behind your RV on a car hauler can be a simple way to ensure you always have access to a vehicle as you make stops on your road trip.

Safety should be a concern when using a car hauler, and here are three tips that you can keep in mind to ensure your road trip doesn't end in disaster.

1. Always load your vehicle on a level surface.

Getting your passenger vehicle up onto a car hauler can be a challenge. Trying to complete this process on a sloped surface could spell disaster.

To prevent your vehicle from rolling unexpectedly and potentially causing a serious injury, you should ensure that you are loading your car hauler on a level surface. This allows for maximum control when it comes to placing your vehicle onto the trailer.

2. Release ratchet straps before loading.

Your vehicle will be secured to the car hauler using a series of ratchet straps that are designed to hold your vehicle in a stationary position while traveling. These ratchet straps are typically located on the floor of the car hauler as well as inside the tire stops located at the front of the car hauler.

It's essential that you release the ratchet straps prior to loading your vehicle onto the trailer. It can be difficult to access the release level once your vehicle is loaded, so releasing the straps before you drive onto the car hauler will help make the loading process easier to complete.

3. Make sure the parking brake is on.

Once you have successfully driven your passenger vehicle onto the car hauler, you will want to engage the parking brake before exiting the vehicle to secure it to the trailer.

Once you take off down the road, your vehicle will be subjected to a lot of movement and wind resistance. Having the parking brake on adds another level of security to ensure that your vehicle will remain in a stationary position during transit.

Proper loading of your vehicle onto a car hauler ensures that you will be able to safely tow the vehicle behind your RV. Be sure that you are loading your vehicle on a level surface, releasing the ratchet straps prior to loading, and engaging the parking brake for maximum towing safety.